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Is Your Baby Latched Properly For Feeding?

Is Your Baby Latched Properly For Feeding?

If you are facing discomfort or pain while breastfeeding it could be due to improper latching. Breastfeeding should not hurt, but for an initial tingling sensation when the baby begins to suckle.

If it hurts when the baby latches on, use your finger and gently break the latch between your breast and the baby's mouth and try inserting the whole nipple into his mouth. If the baby is latched on only at the tip of the nipple, it is bound to hurt and you will end up with sore nipples.

It might take a little time to get used to it as it can be overwhelming when the baby is crying for a feed and you want to attend to him immediately. Be patient and insist that he takes in the whole nipple instead of just the tip. He will learn over time that he has to latch on properly.

You can follow the steps to ensure the latch is perfect:

  • make sure the baby opens his mouth wide enough to take the whole nipple in his mouth
  • ensure that his tongue, bottom lip and chin touch your breast first
  • once he is latched, make sure his chin is touching your breast, and his nose is free to breathe.
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Maternity & Nursing Pillow
Maternity & Nursing Pillow[/caption]


If your baby starts to feed almost immediately, it means that the baby is latched on correctly. Once he is finished nursing, he will let go the the breast and you can burp him.

A maternity & nursing pillow will prove to be an extremely useful thing to have around to support you during pregnancy, to help breastfeed your baby and to help support your baby while sleeping and sitting. You can buy them here.

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