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Positions For Breastfeeding

Positions For Breastfeeding

New moms could find the task of breastfeeding daunting.

While there is no correct position for breast feeding, it's best you follow a position that is comfortable and strain-free for you. You can follow the general positions mentioned to guide you to help find your best position. Something you will have to ensure though, is the right latch for breastfeeding, or you could end up with nipple injuries. You can learn about the right latch here.

In the early days of breastfeeding,  you may find it easier to use the same hand for both breasts. This means you will hold your baby across your lap to feed on one breast, and then to feed from the other breast, you'll hold your baby under your arm.

Products like the right nursing bras, breast pads or nursing pillow can also help make the experience easier and more fulfilling. You can read about Morph's curated list of 6 breastfeeding must-haves here.

If you believe you need help, there is no harm in approaching lactation consultants who can help you through the process.


Benefits Of Breastfeeding

It is advised that babies are nursed for at least a year as it is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. And when you are ready to wean your little one, you can learn how to do it here.

Morph Wishes All Mamas Happy Nursing !

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