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Wondering How To Increase Breast Milk ? These Super Foods Will Help.

Wondering How To Increase Breast Milk ? These Super Foods Will Help.

The biggest worry that most breastfeeding moms have is if their baby is getting enough milk. If your baby is not gaining weight and if you are worried, you can see a lactation consultant who will access if your milk supply is indeed low.

Though there is very limited research to prove that the following foods help increase breastmilk, they have been served for generations to breastfeeding mums and many mothers feel that these foods helped them.
Always remember to consume  these foods in moderation and and don’t take any herbal or natural supplements without consulting your doctor first.

 Foods To Eat To Increase Milk Supply

Foods To Eat To Increase Milk Supply


1. Fennel Seeds

Both the plant and its seed, fenugreek, contain phytoestrogens, which have long been believed to help milk production along. Fenugreek the herb is kind of a big deal for breastfeeding moms and has been used for centuries by women in India and parts of the Middle East. Just adding that extra bit into your dhal tadka or other indian dishes should do the trick.

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2. Garlic

Among its many curative properties, such as benefitting the immune system and preventing heart disease, garlic is said to help increase breastmilk supply.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

Nursing women are recommended to eat one or two portions of green leafy vegetables daily. Besides increasing breastmilk supply they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Our article on 6 Breast Feeding Must- Haves will have you set for nursing your little one with comfort.

4. Holy Basil / Tulsi

Most lactating moms are given tulsi tea. It increases breastmilk and is also known to have a calming effect. Breastfeeding in a comfortable position will be satisfying for both you and the baby .

5. Nuts & Dried Fruits

Almonds and cashews are believed to boost breastmilk production. High in vitamins and minerals, they provide energy and nutrients. They are very high in calories so its best not to binge on them.
In a lot of traditions, laddoos and halwas are made with nuts and dried fruits to help breastfeeding mums.

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6. Pulses 

Pulses, especially masoor dal are not only believed to improve milk supply but are also a source of protein, and are high in iron and fibre.

These super foods are all ethnic to India and we consume them naturally in our country. Having them as a part of your breastfeeding diet will help increase milk supply. And for ethnic clothing for nursing your baby, you can shop feeding kurtis here and how learn why they are a necessity in your motherhood wardrobe here.

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                             Happy Breastfeeding Mamas :)


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