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5 Reasons You Are Going To Need A Nursing Bra

5 Reasons You Are Going To Need A Nursing Bra

One if the most critical things for a new mom while breastfeeding is comfort. Being prepared with knowledge about nursing like increasing breastmilk, right latch for easy nursing, breastfeeding positions  and tips to wean you baby, will make you confident. Also having the right accessories like Nursing Bras, Nursing Pillow , Nursing Covers will make the experience easier and joyful. Among the most important breastfeeding must-haves are Nursing Bras.


Reason 1 :Breastfeeding becomes easier

It might seem like an option to wear regular bras and pull them up and breastfeed your baby. But it's not easy as the whole bra sits at an awkward position above the breasts through the time you nurse your little one. The fact that you are going to do this multiple times a day, makes the process even harder.

Reason 2 :Nursing bras grow with your breasts 

Wearing soft cup bras without underwire allows for the breasts to grow comfortably .

Reason 3 : They are healthier for your breasts

As you will be nursing, there are times that the breasts will be engorged with milk. Trying to fit into regular bras will lead to health complications. Having a well fitted nursing bra not only means easier breastfeeding, but they also prevent clogged ducts which can lead to mastitis.

Reason 4 :  Conceals leaks and holds breast pads

Morph Nursing Bras have room to hold breast pads for leaks and alternatively you can use leak proof nursing bras that are made of special leak proof and breathable fabric that prevents breast milk leaks from showing through.

Reason 5 : Day Or Night, there is one for your comfort

Day time nursing bras give more support, shape and prevent sagging.  The sleep bras are especially comfortable for night time nursing. There are leak-proof versions of both day bras and sleep bras.

You can browse through Morph Maternity's range of Nursing Bras here. If you need assistance in choosing the right bra for you, do mail us at We are here to help you.

                   Happy Nursing Mamas !


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