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10 Recommended Must-Haves For New Moms

10 Recommended Must-Haves For New Moms

Once the baby arrives, family & friends bring beautiful gifts for the new-born babies! The new mommy also deserves some gifts just like her little bundle of joy, no? Giving birth is a life-changing experience for every mother. Here are 10 must have things that every new mommy needs. So mommies make your motherhood journey easier by gifting yourself these things.

#1. Feeding Pillows

Feeding pillows are "C" shaped and are designed to support the infant while breastfeeding. Feeding pillows help to elevate the baby and bring her up to a suitable level - where the mom can nurse the baby without straining her neck, back, and arms. These pillows can also be used as a backrest for babies when they begin to sit on their own.

Maternity & Nursing Pillow


Maternity & Nursing Pillow

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#2. A storage or organizer box near the bed

A storage basket is undoubtedly the most useful thing any new mom needs. You can easily buy a couple and fill them with useful goodies for the baby and yourself. As a new mom - you will need many different sizes of organizer boxes to store wipes, nail clippers, lotion, hand sanitizer, diapers, cotton balls, moisturizer, hand creams etc.

#3. Stylish baby diaper bag

Motherhood does not mean that you should lose your style sense. Get a trendy diaper or baby bag. Look for one with more pockets and zip options as this will help you to segregate the contents. Make sure the bag has enough space to allocate keys, cell phones, and other accessories.

#4. Nursing Cover

This is one the best gifts for moms as it will help her through her pregnancy & post-pregnancy for discreet breastfeeding & swaddling her baby. You can buy them here.

Nursing Cover


Nursing Cover

#5. Nursing bra

Nursing bras are essential for all moms to be. Every breastfeeding mom needs a nursing bra so that she can nurse the baby comfortably and discreetly. Leak Proof Nursing Bras are a good investment for young moms so that they don't have to worry about breastmilk leaks & stains. You can read more about leakproof nursing bras here.

Leak Proof Nursing Bra Types

Leak Proof Nursing Bra Types

#6. Tummy tucker belt

Every new mom wants to get back into shape as soon as possible. You can use a good postpartum tummy tucker belt, to provide support to your back and this will help you to get back in shape soon. Avoid this for first 4 weeks if the new mommy has had a C-section.

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#7. Feeding Nighties

Every new mommy will need comfy feeding nighties for breastfeeding. Morph Maternity's feeding gowns come in a wide range of colours & styles so they look elegant to even lounge around during the day at home. They come with hidden openings so that the outfit does not scream breastfeeding with ensuring feeding is easy.

 Nursing Gowns

#8. A baby carrier

This is one of the best gifts for a new mother, as a baby carrier will help her to do all her chores easily even when there is no help around. Carrying the baby around helps the baby to sleep easier which means the mommy gets some time for herself.

#9. A breast pump

If your friend is planning to exclusively breastfeed her baby, then a breast pump is a very helpful gift. Look for a portable and durable breast pump which she can use even when traveling.

#10. Feeding Kurtis

Nowadays a wide variety of excellent Feeding Kurtis are available in beautiful designs and shades. These kurtis make the perfect choice for everyday office wear or home wear. Discreet nursing openings help with easy breastfeeding. Read more about feeding kurtis and why you need them here.

[caption id="attachment_1249" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Kurtas Kurtas[/caption]

Why should new moms stick to pajamas and T-shirts? Look beautiful by select the best Feeding Kurtis as per your style.


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So, what products do you think should be part of a new moms must have list? Share below!

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