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5 Tips To Plan Your Maternity Photoshoot

5 Tips To Plan Your Maternity Photoshoot

A picture is worth a thousand words!  So, a Maternity Photoshoot is a beautiful way to record your journey and share it with your loved ones. What better way to celebrate the baby bump than to capture it in a picture. Even your little one will enjoy the images of herself in your tummy(her first home) when she grows up. Here are 4 tips that will help you get organised to capture this beautiful phase.

Picking the right trimester for your maternity photoshoot

The best time to have your shoot is in the 3rd trimester from around 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. During this phase your baby bump will be big enough to show beautifully and you are not uncomfortable as you would get during the toward the end of your pregnancy.

An outfit to accentuate your pregnancy glow

 A flowing gown accessorised with a floral tiara is a never fail option. If the shoot is planned for the evening, an elegant gown in deep colours will do the magic. If you are planning a shoot during the day, a lighter shade in plains or whimsical prints will add romance to the picture. You can shop the outfit of your choice here.

Dresses For Your Maternity Shoot

 Dresses For Your Maternity Shoot

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Add loved ones and props for action & fun into the picture

A baby is a special time for the whole family. So, do bring in your spouse into the shoot. If you have older children, make them a part of this beautiful memory. After all, the more in the pictures, the merrier the memories. Do add props like pregnancy scans or booties into the shot to bring in a little fun into the capture.

Fun Maternity Shoot

 Fun Maternity Shoot

Location and time of day is important

Outdoors for your maternity photography session can be a great way to get some amazing shots. A garden or by the ocean makes for some memorable images. If you want to stay indoors you can choose a nice rich victorian interiors if you are dressing in a western gown. If you are wearing ethnic maternity wear you can choose a beautiful Indian heritage property. A day shoot would be great in the outdoors and an evening shoot will play nice shadows for an indoor shoot.

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A photographer who you are comfortable with

This is probably the most important aspect of your maternity photoshoot. Don't just go by the popularity of the photographer, choose someone you can be yourself with. A photographer who knows you well and one you are comfortable with, will be able to capture those hidden emotions so naturally that the images will be absolutely priceless.

Photographer that you are comfortable with

 Photographer that you are comfortable with

If you would like to get a custom outfit made for your maternity photoshoot, do reach out to us at or call us at +91 7676128129. It will be a privilege for us to dress your beautiful bump :)

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