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Do Creams and Oils Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Do Creams and Oils Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks afflicts the majority of pregnant women. The reason for stretch marks is due to the specific form of scarring of the skin of the abdominal area due to the rapid expansion of the uterus as well as sudden weight gain during pregnancy. (Also read: How to deal with mama figure). Stretch marks are more evident in first pregnancy compared to later ones.

Not only your tummy but also your breasts and thighs are prone to stretch marks. Your breasts undergo changes with pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Do creams and oils help?

As per scientific studies, there is no evidence that creams and oils help prevent stretch marks. Although it might help to keep the skin supple and moisturised. Keeping the skin supple helps prevent cracking of it which on a long term basis helps its overall health. So, as there is no harm in massaging your belly, you can splurge yourself with some TLC.

You can consider natural oils like almond oil and coconut oil for massaging the belly. There are many specific creams available in the market for reducing stretch marks. Choose one with low fragrance content with more natural ingredients.

Tips to prevent stretch marks

The best way to avoid the stretch marks is to prevent stretching of the skin as much as possible. You can check a few of the tips given below:

Watch your weight

It is important not to gain excessive weight during pregnancy. Weight gain over 15 Kgs makes you susceptible to stretch marks. Regulate your weight by eating smart and exercising regularly.

Support your growing belly

You can wear special maternity belts to support your growing belly which will help in reducing the stretching of the skin.

Maternity Jeans and Bottoms which have a stretchy belly panel also do the same thing and support the belly. You can buy them here.

Take care of your breasts

Wearing well supported bras through your pregnancy and also while breastfeeding will prevent stretch marks. Most nursing moms avoid wearing bras while they sleep to help easy breastfeeding at night. This can cause stretch marks to the breasts. Sleep Nursing Bras from Morph Maternity are ideal for soft support which stretches without causing discomfort. The added bonus is that comes with feeding options.


Mark of Motherhood

Some of the stretch marks disappear with time while other remains. At Morph Maternity we understand that stretch marks are proud side effects of motherhood. So wear yours, if they appear with pride :)

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