4 Things You Should Know Before You Start Breastfeeding

4 Things You Should Know Before You Start Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is precious to both the mother and child. It not only serves the purpose of wholesome nutrition but also creates an awesome bond. Breastfeeding allows you to connect with your baby while providing them with all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. But, before you begin, you should know a few things to ensure a positive experience. Our guide on what to know before you start breastfeeding can help you with everything from getting the baby to latch to ensuring you have enough milk.

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These Are 4 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

Breast feeding position

Breastfeeding Positions

Baby feeding positions 

Breastfeeding is a skill. It is really helpful to understand various positions in which you can feed your child. As a new mom,  you may find it easier to use the same hand for both breasts. This means you will hold your baby across your lap to feed on one breast and then to feed from the other breast, you’ll hold your baby under your arm.

Breastfeeding Kurtis

Breastfeeding Kurtis

Latching techniques

A properly latched baby means a well-fed baby as well as painless breastfeeding. Proper latching technique means that the entire nipple is inside the mouth and not just the tip. We have a comprehensive guide to a latching technique for you.


There is no relation between the size of the breasts and milk production. However, certain foods aid in the production of mothers’ milk. They are Fennel seeds, Basil, Garlic, Green leafy vegetables, Nuts, Dried fruits and Pulses. 

Foods To Eat To Increase Milk Supply

Foods To Eat To Increase Milk Supply


When breast milk gets blocked and does not get cleared or expressed then it causes inflammation of breast tissues which is called Mastitis. Mastitis may or may not be compounded by an infection. If the mastitis develops into an infection, you will develop chills high fevers and fatigue. You can prevent Mastitis by not letting your breasts become engorged, sticking to a regular feeding schedule and avoiding wearing tight bras. 


Breastfeeding is a rewarding and beautiful experience for both mother and child. But, there are a few things you should know before you begin to ensure a positive experience. Our guide covers everything from understanding different feeding positions to learning proper latching techniques. Don't forget about the superfoods that can help you produce more milk! But, If you do develop mastitis, don't panic. You can prevent and treat it with proper care and attention. You can enjoy the special bond of breastfeeding with your child if you follow the above tips and tricks.

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Happy motherhood Mamas!

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