Is Breastfeeding In Public Illegal?

Is Breastfeeding In Public Illegal?

We are all well aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding this is the reason it is considered liquid gold for babies. Breastfeeding is the best choice for both baby and mother but breastfeeding in public is frowned upon. Some countries even considered breastfeeding illegal and restricted in several counties.

People often give disgusting stares or roll their eyes and are annoyed when they see a mother breastfeeding her little one in public. When a baby is hungry - she’s hungry!!! She doesn’t know whether mom is outside the house! Breastfeeding on demand is always best for babies and there really is no “convenient” time or place to nurse the baby.

Nursing infants are easier, as they usually don't get distracted while taking the feed but breastfeeding slightly older toddlers is a little difficult as they get easily distracted. Mothers are quickly judged for breastfeeding in public, but people fail to understand that it is a natural process and they should be supportive and encourage new mothers to feed in public.

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At times people irresponsibly ask the new mothers the feed the little ones in public toilets and store rooms. Would you like to have your meals at such places??!!? The nursing moms are usually asked for a cover-up or leave the place. In fact, there are some countries & forums where breastfeeding in public is considered illegal.


In 2011 Atlanta issued a new law that banned public breastfeeding for children over the age of 2 - saying that it is publicly indecent.


Breastfeeding in Russia has always been socially unacceptable - and even taboo. As recent as 2013, authorities arrested the director of a pre-natal health center who was encouraging breastfeeding and natural births. She was accused of being a “cult” leader and charged with 2 counts of felony and faced up to 7 years in prison.


Following in Russia’s footsteps, in this country also breastfeeding is a foreign concept and is not socially acceptable by everyone.

United States

Can you believe it? Supposedly the most advanced country on the planet still has two States that do not protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. These are West Virginia and Idaho!!! A woman who chooses to nurse in public in these states, can get arrested for - you guessed it - public indecency!!

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Facebook has a lot of people who use it every day, more than the population of many countries. In 2008, there was a situation where Facebook deleted pictures of mothers breastfeeding their babies. Facebook said it was against their rules because it showed too much and was considered inappropriate. 

In our own country, India - there are no legal statutes for breastfeeding but nursing publicly is often considered as taboo. Here are some options to make breastfeeding in public easy for both mother and baby.

1. Nursing cover 

Morph Maternity has a lovely collection of nursing covers that offers total privacy, comfort and style. You can also use these nursing covers as a poncho to keep warm during the winter. It can be used as a stylish stole to cover your belly and also as a swaddle for the little one.

2. Leak-proof feeding bra

Choose from a beautiful collection of pull-on leak-proof nursing bras. These bras have crossover necklines for easy breastfeeding. The bra is totally leakproof and comes with soft shoulder straps. The fabric is super breathable and perfect for both pregnant women and nursing mothers.

3. Feeding tops

Here are some excellent collections of feeding tops that come with the vertical front nursing option to comfortably feed the little one. The tops are available in beautiful shades and patterns which can be paired with stylish trousers or jeans.

4. Nursing choli 

Nursing Choli is perfect to pair up with a saree or lehenga. It comes with a short vertical zipper for easy nursing the baby.


Often breastfeeding in public is viewed as an unacceptable behavior but long-term breastfeeding has its own health benefits. Moms, know your rights that it is totally perfectly legal to feed in public. So don’t stay cooped up in the house! Go on step out!!

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