LeakProof Nursing Bras: Simple Solution For Breastfeeding Moms

LeakProof Nursing Bras: Simple Solution For Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a new mom as it enhances the physical and emotional bond with her baby.  As wonderful as this experience is, it does pose a bunch of challenges to a new mom. One such challenge is that of breast milk leaks. This can be an embarrassing experience, so we at Morph Maternity have innovative LeakProof Nursing Bras.

Breast Milk Leaks

Leaking breasts are common and it is a sign that you are lactating well.  It is more common in the early weeks of breastfeeding while the feeding schedules are getting adjusted and the supply-demand is getting established. While it happens more often in the early weeks, it could continue till the time you wean your baby.  Leaking or letting down is also a way that milk engorgement is prevented which can be dangerous if not addressed.

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While leaking breasts is a common phenomenon for new mothers, in today's life when new moms are not 'confined' like they would be in the past and choose an active life postpartum, it could be rather embarrassing. When friends and family come to visit the baby, the last thing on your mind should be an embarrassment. And the saga will continue into days at work or an evening with friends when the worry of milk leaking through your tops could be on your mind with Morph's leakproof nursing bras, you can stay stress-free throughout your breastfeeding days.

Here's How A Leak Proof Nursing Bra Works

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4 Cool Things About Morph's LeakProof Nursing Bras

1. They are breathable yet leakproof 

The cups are made of super-high-tech fabric that is leakproof and breathable. Any milk leaks stay inside the cups and dry there but do not expose a leak through your tops. So breast milk leaks are something you will never have to worry about.

2. They are made of soft cotton 

Morph's nursing bras are made of 100 percent cotton or a blend of cotton and Lycra and are soft and stretchy and will move and grow with your fluctuating breasts. The straps over the shoulders are wide and give support and lift as breasts enlarge during pregnancy & breastfeeding. The elastic at the waist is soft and wide giving lift & support.

3. They come in 2 styles, drop cup & pullover

The drop cup bra has high-quality clips that can be easily opened with one hand making breastfeeding easy. They are perfect for daytime usage. At Morph, we make stylish & convenient feeding Kurtis & feeding tops that makes breastfeeding easy. The pullover or sleep nursing bras have a criss-cross design for easy breast access and don't have any clips. This makes nighttime feeding fuss-free. 

Leak Proof Nursing Bra Types

4. Our customers love them

Morph Maternity is a brand that continuously thinks and innovates for pregnant women and new mothers. This has made us the most loved maternity wear in India. The leakproof nursing bras are our best sellers and a super hit with our customers. Here is what one of our customers said,

"Before ordering this, I was skeptical that anyone would be ordering online. Once I received it and tried it, the relief was ultimate compared to other feeding bras. which I used before. It is soft, not skin-pinching & comfortable. I would recommend all moms to try this" - Maddy 

We at Morph Maternity wish all you moms happy & stress-free motherhood :)

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