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Easy To Use Bra Size Chart For Nursing Bras

Easy To Use Bra Size Chart For Nursing Bras

A bra is just not a pretty garment or a fashion accessory, right? A well-fitted bra is essential to provide good support to your breasts. Use a bra size calculator to find the perfect bra - as this can uplift your confidence and give your breasts a more appealing look.

A bra should not be too tight or loose. It is an unhealthy practice to wear an ill-fitted bra - as your breasts will experience sagging. Poorly fitted bras can also cause pain in the back and neck areas too. If you have a heavier bust, a well-fitted bra can provide ample of support to them. It is important to understand the bra size chart, this will help you to get the perfect bra for yourself.

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During pregnancy and when you're breastfeeding - your body goes through a lot of changes. When milk gets produced, during breastfeeding - they tend to expand. Your normal bras may not be able to accommodate your growing and leaking boobs. So, here's a chart to help you choose a leakproof nursing bra.

leakproof Nursing Bra

How to use bra calculator to get a well fitted nursing bra

Here are some measurements which needs to be done to get the perfect bra size. Wear the best bra you have closet and get measuring.

Step 1. Determine the band size

You need to measure the area under the bust in order to determine the band size. Stand straight during the measurement and make sure the tape is placed tighter around your upper body. Take the reading twice to be sure. Ask someone to help you in case you are unsure.

Step 2. Measure the bustline

In order to determine the cup size or bust line, keep the measuring tape around the fullest part of the chest, which is normally at the nipple. Make sure, you are standing straight while taking the measurements. Breathe in during the measurements and keep the tape parallel to the ground.

For nursing bras it is sometimes advisable to buy one cup size bigger as when breasts are full of milk - they tend to be slightly bigger than when after the baby has fed.

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Method to find the right band size

Once you have measured the band size and bustline. You can refer the chart for the correct bra size.

1. Look for the band size measurement in the bra size table for your reading. If you have a value of 81 cm then you come under the value range of 78 to 82. You will be able to find the band size of i.e. 80 cm.

2. In order to measure the cup size, look for the value in the line where you found your brand size. If the band size is 97 C, you have a C cup. This is how you find the right bra size.

Some Tips To Help Ensure Bra Wearing Comfort.

1. When breastfeeding, the breast size expands, so it is better to buy a nursing bra that fits best with the hook options. Also some women feel more comfortable buying one bra size bigger to ensure that when milk comes in the breasts are still comfortable in the bra.
2. Strap of the bra should have a perfect fit, and the breasts should be rest comfortably.
3. The bra size of each brand may vary a little. To check, just lift your hands and bend over. The bra should perfectly cover the chest and provide support.

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