5 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public Spaces

5 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public Spaces

Breastfeeding is the most natural & the most healthy way to feed your baby. Breast milk provides all the nutrition your baby needs during his early life. It is also a fulfilling experience that creates a loving bond between you and your baby. Most doctors will advise you to nurse your baby for at least a year. During this phase, you might be out in public and might not have the comfort & privacy of being indoors. Here are tips to help you breastfeed in public discreetly.

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1. Choose Your Spot & Position 

You should look for a spot where you can sit comfortably without being disturbed for the time your little one needs to feed. Look for a place with back support and a place where there is not much people movement so it won't be distracting for the baby too. In a restaurant or a closed place, a quiet corner will be best. You can sit with your back facing people movement as that will be much better for both of you. If you are outdoors, you may be able to find a place to sit leaning against a bench or a tree with a back to give you support.

2. Invest In A Good Nursing Cover 

A nursing cover or nursing poncho is one of the most versatile pieces that you can add to your maternity & breastfeeding wardrobe. You can wear this garment over your clothes, look stylish and nurse discreetly without feeling awkward. The cover fits loose over the top giving enough room for your baby to breathe comfortably while nursing. You can make more room for your little one by opening the buttons on the sides. You can buy them here.

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3. Nursing Kurtis/Nursing Tops 

Breastfeeding tops and nursing kurtis from Morph Maternity come with discreet openings to help you breastfeed in public. They have easy one-hand access to open and close with fasters like zips or buttons. We have a wide range of exclusive breastfeeding clothes like feeding tops, nursing kurtis and even stylish breastfeeding dresses.

4. Look For Nurseries/Restrooms

If you are in a mall, airport, or hotel, look for a nursery or baby care room that most of them have nowadays. Even if these public buildings don't have a separate nursery, most have large restrooms with exclusive well-appointed baby care areas that can be used for feeding your hungry one. Look for signs on the floor plan to check if there is a designated area for nursing. You can alternatively ask the information desk to help you find a place that is comfortable for you.

5. Easy Access Nursing Bras

Good breastfeeding bras can make a world of difference when breastfeeding in public. You can choose between drop cup ones and pullover ones. The type that is of most ease is something you should wear on your outings. A lot of mothers have milk let down or milk leaks when it's time to feed the baby or if the baby cries. A breast milk leak can be embarrassing, so you can choose Morph Maternity's leakproof nursing bras to make this experience comfortable. You can read more about leakproof nursing bras here.



Above all breastfeeding is meant to be a soulful experience for both your baby and you. Don’t get stressed out looking for the right spot or the perfect product. Find a place where you’re comfortable and wear what you are comfortable in. Don’t worry too much about who might see you. Feeding your hungry baby takes priority at all times.

Happy breastfeeding mamas :)

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