5 Important Reasons To Have A Nursing Bra

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One of the most critical things for a new mom while breastfeeding is comfort. Being prepared with knowledge about nursing like increasing breastmilk, the right latch for easy nursing, breastfeeding positions and tips to wean your baby, will make you confident. Also having the right accessories like Nursing Bras, Nursing Pillow and Nursing Covers will make the experience easier and more joyful. Among the most essential breastfeeding must-haves are Nursing Bras.

So Why Do You Need A Feeding Bra?

Reason 1: Breastfeeding becomes easier 

It might seem like an option to wear regular bras and pull them up and breastfeed your baby. But it's not easy as the whole bra sits at an awkward position above the breasts through the time you feed your little one. The fact that you are going to do this multiple times a day, makes the process even harder.

Reason 2: Feeding bras grow with your breasts 

Feeding bras are designed to be worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding and as such, they are often made to accommodate the changes in a woman’s breast size during this time. Wearing soft cup bras without underwires allows for the breasts to grow comfortably.

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Reason 3:  Conceals leaks and holds breast pads 

Morph Nursing Bras have room to hold breast pads for leaks and alternatively, you can use leakproof nursing bras that are made of special leakproof and breathable fabric that prevents breast milk leaks from showing through.

Reason 4: Can be worn both indoors and outdoors

Nursing bras are a convenient choice for breastfeeding mothers to wear both indoors and outdoors. Whether at home, out running errands, or in a public place, a feeding bra can provide the mother with the support and comfort she needs while breastfeeding.

Reason 5: Day or Night, there is one for your comfort

Daytime feeding bras give more support, shape and prevent sagging.  The sleep bras are especially comfortable for nighttime feeding. There are leak-proof versions of both day bras and sleep bras.

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The takeaway from all this is that a nursing bra is a must-have for any breastfeeding mother. Feeding bras are stretchable and wireless. It provides maximum comfort, whether they use it during the day or at night. Morph Maternity offers four different bras (a nursing bra, a leakproof nursing bra, a sleep nursing bra and a leakproof sleep nursing bra).

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