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Must Have For Every Breastfeeding Mom

Must Have For Every Breastfeeding Mom

Being a new mom, for the first time can be quite challenging and overwhelming. You will have to manage multiple things together. The new baby will have her demands and while taking care of those, you must take care of your own body too. You body will have tiredness, soreness, post delivery bleeding and will have to prepare to breastfeed your little one. Breastfeeding for the first time throws a lot of questions. To make it easy for you, we recommend a must have for every breastfeeding mom - the LeakProof Nursing Bra from Morph Maternity.

Breast Milk Leakage

A well known fact is that your breastmilk is the best food that you can give your little one. Breastmilk is the best nutrition for your baby and breastfeeding promotes mom and baby bonding that lasts a lifetime. While this magical experience unfolds, one thing you will notice is that your breast will leak milk even when your baby is not suckling. Breastmilk leaks will reduce over time when the feed cycles are established, but it will continue to happen till the time you nurse your baby. This can be as long as you decide to nurse her.

Problems With Breast Milk Leaks

A few decades ago, women would stay at home after childbirth for extended periods of time. Due to nuclear families and women becoming more independent, new moms are out and about for either work or socially. Common issues that occur due to breastmilk leaks are:

  • It could become an embarrassing incident if the breastmilk leaks through your top wear at office or at a social outing.
  • It is an inconvenience a discomfort to manage such as incident as you will not be carrying extra bras or top wear.

LeakProof Nursing Bras (Know why you need them)

LeakProof Nursing Bras are the perfect solution to prevent breastmilk leaks. They are made of soft breathable high tech leakproof fabric. It is made of soft cotton and there is no compromise on comfort. Wearing them along with breast pads is a good choice for nursing moms. Any milk spills are absorbed by the breast pads and the cotton fabric of the bra. The leaks do not pass through the breathable leakproof barrier which is inbuilt in the bra cups. The breast pads can be replaced easily even in an outing and the mom feels fresh and dry. Refer to this easy to use bra size calculator and chart.

Types Of LeakProof Nursing Bras

There are 2 main types of LeakProof Nursing Bras that we have developed at Morph Maternity. Our customers choose depending on the type

Feature LeakProof Nursing Bra LeakProof Sleep Nursing Bra
Fabric Cotton Stretchy cotton
Plastic components in construction Yes, high quality clips for drop cup feature No plastics components
Preferred occasion to wear For going out At home & night feeds
Type of cups Drop cup Pull down cup
Closure at back Hook & eye Fabric, pull over like a tee
Types Of LeakProof Nursing Bras By Morph Maternity

We recommend that all new moms have a 3 drop cup nursing bras and 3 pull down cup type nursing bras to complete your breastfeeding needs.

Innovation By Morph Maternity - First In India

At Morph Maternity strive to bring the best for pregnant women and new mothers in India. Bringing the best for our customers is our motto. We are proud to say we are the only brand in India that makes LeakProof Nursing bras that are a favourite with breastfeeding mothers.

Customer Testimonial

Nursing moms are loving LeakProof Nursing Bras and are voting it as one of the must have for every breastfeeding mom. Here is what one of our customers said:

”Before ordering this, I was skeptical like anyone would be ordering online. Once I received it and tried it, the relief was ultimate compared to other feeding bras. which I used before. It is soft, not skin pinching & comfortable. I would recommend all moms to try this” – Maddy 

If you have any doubts about the product, you can mail us at You can shop LeakProof Nursing Bras here.


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