How To Burp Your Baby?

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For new moms, feeding your baby and later burping him or her is certainly something that takes time to learn. Burping is something that is required until the baby is around four to six months old and it will take some time for you to learn the ropes of it.

Read further to clear your doubts about baby feeding and burping by knowing the best tips.

Why Does My Baby Burp? 

While baby feeding, through any method, little bubbles of air get stuck in the stomach and this can make the baby uncomfortable. It also takes up unnecessary space in the stomach. Burping your baby helps free up this space and also ensures that the baby feels comfortable and rested.

Is It Okay If The Baby Doesn’t Burp After Feeding? 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not essential to burp the baby after feeding. All the more interesting is the fact that not all babies actually burp after feeding. Some might and some might not, but it differs from baby to baby. Thus, there is no need to panic if your baby doesn’t burp after feeding, it isn’t unhealthy or so.

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When Do I Burp The Baby? 

Firstly, understand, you needn’t force the baby to burp, especially if the baby has fallen asleep during or after feeding because this means he or she is comfortable and doesn’t need to burp. You should burp your baby if he or she squirms or cries or tries to pull away while feeding. The best time to burp your baby is when you switch breasts, in case of breastfeeding, or when you are halfway through a bottle feed. If the baby is still not feeling comfortable, then burping after baby feeding is also a good idea.

How Do I Burp The Baby? 

It would take some time and practice to figure out what works for you and the baby, however, in general, there are three ways to burp your baby –

 1.On your chest 

  • Hold him or her on your chest and place their chin on your shoulder.
  • While supporting the head with your hand, gently rub his or her back.

2.Sitting on your lap 

  • Sit the baby on your lap, with its back to you.
  • Support the baby’s body with one arm; your palm should be against her chest and the fingers should gently support the chin and jaw.
  • Ensure that your fingers are away from the throat.
  • While slightly leaning the baby forward, gently rub or pat the back.

3.Face down across your lap 

  • Lay the baby across your legs, facing downwards.
  • While supporting the chin and jaw, rub or pat the baby’s back.
  • Ensure that the head is slightly higher than the body.

Tips To Burp Your Baby 

  • Sing or talk softly to the baby while burping to help her or him relax.
  • If the baby is still uncomfortable, switch positions for burping.
  • A warm bath and tummy massage will help improve digestion in babies.

If you are breastfeeding the baby then you might also benefit from knowing some of these tips for new moms –

  • Use a maternity pillow for better support and posture while feeding.
  • Opting for nursing gowns for feeding will help you feed comfortably.
  • Try to relax as much as possible to feed the baby without any hassle.
  • Switch to nursing bras for the time being to make breastfeeding easier.

These breastfeeding tips for new moms will help in making this an easier task. Apart from these, remember, don’t shy away from asking your spouse for any kind of help that you need and most importantly, enjoy the new-found feeling and emotions that motherhood evokes!

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Burping babies is an effective way to help them release gas and reduce discomfort. There are different methods for burping a baby including on your chest, sitting on your lap and face down across the lap. Though there is no specific time to burp a baby so it’s better to do it after meals. There is no need to burp if the baby feels absolutely fine after feeding. With little practice, it becomes an easy and effective way to calm the baby.

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