The Truth About Episiotomy: Tips No One Will Share

The Truth About Episiotomy: Tips No One Will Share

Pregnancy & motherhood is a beautiful phase no doubt. This is also a phase where you will learn a whole new set of English words about your body. Every visit to the doctor you will be introduced to a new set. So, providing yourself with this specialized language will help you have a more meaningful conversation with your doctor. Episiotomy is one such word that every pregnant woman should know.

What Is Episiotomy? 

The muscle between the vagina and the anus is called the perineum. A surgical cut to this muscle is called Episiotomy. It helps the baby to come out easily during childbirth if the vagina is not stretching enough. In India, episiotomy is a fairly routine part of childbirth. It is better that you talk to your gynaecologist/obstetrician about it during the last few weeks of your pregnancy so that you are better prepared. You can read about the must-haves in your hospital bag here.

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Why Is Episiotomy Required? 

Your obstetrician might suggest episiotomy

  • If there are complications & the baby needs to come out quickly.
  • It’s your first baby.
  • Your baby is large.
  • If your perineum is not stretching during labour.

How Can You Avoid It? 

Here are some general ways that may help reduce the likelihood of an episiotomy during pregnancy

  • Perineal massage during the last few weeks of pregnancy helps stretch it.
  • Relaxation or lamaze techniques help.
  • Upright position puts pressure on the perineum and helps stretch it, however, if you have had an epidural, lie on the side.
  • Stay physically active.

How Long After An Episiotomy Can You Have Sex?

You should take about a month till the stitches fully heal and after that, you can have sex. Tips before you start having sex.

  • Do check with your doctor if you have fully healed.
  • Use a lubricant as you might feel tenderness or tightness.
  • Stay relaxed and ensure there is a lot of foreplay.
  • Do consult your doctor if you bleed or have a lot of pain after sex.

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Episiotomy also known as perineotomy is a surgical procedure that involves a cut made in the perineum(the muscle between the vagina and the anus). It is only advised to women who are having complicated childbirth, has a premature baby, or if the baby is huge. While healing you will be needing some time when you face discomfort, try to be positive and take painkillers. Although having an episiotomy is entirely up to you, if it's truly required, you cannot avoid it.

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