How To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy?

How To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your estrogen and progesterone levels rise and these hormonal changes can boost your libido. Especially estrogen, as it’s the female hormone and is responsible for the rapid increase in blood flow to your uterus and pelvis area. You will also notice an increase in vaginal lubrication as a result. It is the perfect recipe to indulge in some romance before the baby comes!
However, some couples are apprehensive. These are the common questions that usually come to women’s minds when they think of sex during pregnancy.

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Is It Safe To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy? 

Sex is usually safe during pregnancy, if you want to have sex, go ahead. You can have sex as often as you want to as long as it’s not a high-risk pregnancy and your doctor has given the get-go. It is quite common to experience bleeding during sex in the initial 3 months, so be sure to check with your doctor in case there is any unusual bleeding.

Does Pregnancy Sex Harm The Baby Or Cause Preterm Labor?

It is the first thought which comes to every parent’s mind, but sex during pregnancy won’t harm your baby. The unborn baby is well protected by the amniotic sac inside the uterus, away from the vagina. Additionally, the thick mucus plug seals the cervix and also protects it against any infection.
When pregnant women have coitus, the penis doesn’t go beyond the vaginal area, hence it will not affect the fetus. If you have a regular low-risk pregnancy, be rest assured that sex doesn’t trigger labour. You can experience mild uterine contractions during orgasms, these are usually temporary.

What Are The Best Sexual Positions To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy?

In order to find the best sexual position, you have to experiment with the position which is comfortable for you, it can be more challenging as your belly grows. Here are some comfortable sexual positions which you can try during pregnancy.

1. Spooning

Lie side by side with your partner, this position allows maximum shallow penetration and won't hurt your belly.

2. Girl on top 

This position allows you to control the speed and depth of penetration without having any pressure on the belly.

3. The side of the bed

Rest your back on the bed’s edge with your knees bent and feet mounted on the edge. Your partner stands facing you. It is similar to the missionary position but he won’t rest his entire body weight on you.

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Symptoms Which You Should Not Ignore 

It is quite common to feel mild cramping during or after intercourse. It usually is temporary and will go away after a few minutes. If you have pain or bleeding during intercourse call your doctor. Discuss with your doctor about all the queries related to sex during pregnancy.


Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of sex during pregnancy, It is important to listen to your body and be aware of any discomfort or pain during intimacy. Remember to always use protection to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. By following safe sex practices and finding positions that are comfortable for you and your partner can continue to enjoy intimacy during this special time in your life. 

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