What Is Garbh Sanskar And How To Do It At Home

What Is Garbh Sanskar And How To Do It At Home

As soon as Indian women get pregnant they begin to wonder what Garbh Sanskar is and how to do it at home. Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian way of teaching good things to the unborn baby during pregnancy. As per science, it has been proven that 60% of a baby’s brain development happens inside the womb.
According to Indian culture, people believe that education starts right from the time a baby is conceived inside the womb. This is the reason when a woman gets pregnant, older people advised her to have positive thoughts and emotions throughout the pregnancy. From the seventh month onwards, unborn babies can hear and respond to their parent’s voices, different sounds and music.

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Scientific Evidence For Garbh Sanskar 

Garbh Sanskar is highly popular across the globe in different forms in different cultures because its significance in the development of the baby. The baby inside the mother’s womb responds to outside stimuli, sounds and can also listen to their voice.

Communicating With The Unborn Baby 

It may sound weird but communication with the baby is a great way for the parents to bond with the child. The baby has the ability to listen to you and feel your feelings while it is still inside the womb. You can influence your unborn baby’s first impressions inside the womb by listening to soothing music, visualizing good things, meditating and thinking positively.

DIY Garbh Sanskar

You can do Garbh Sanskar at home to ensure a healthy pregnancy and child using the following methods. 

1. Start with a pre-pregnancy detox for both mother and father

The detox will make your system clean, you can also opt for a thorough Ayurvedic detox before trying for a baby. If you’re already pregnant, then follow a nutritional wholesome diet during the entire pregnancy. Always consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine before and after getting pregnant.

2. Follow a healthy lifestyle

When you are trying to conceive, follow a healthy eating and sleeping pattern. It is applicable to both parents. Avoid intake of cigarettes, tobacco, aerated drinking, alcohols and junk food.

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3. Bond with child 

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, spend time reading good books, listening to music, singing and having positive thoughts. This will increase the bonding of parents with the unborn child.

4. Listen to instruments and garbh sanskar mantras

Try to pray every day by chanting the Samaveda mantra. You can also listen to bhajans, Gayatri mantra and Ganesha mantra to have a positive impact on your child. Balaji Tambe's Garbh Sanskar music is quite popular among women. Apart from listening to mantras, you can also try listening to soothing music which boosts the mood and promotes positive thinking. By all this, your baby will also get positive energy.

5. Read good books and indulge in works of art 

Enhance constructive thoughts by reading good books during pregnancy. Embrace your creative side by taking up a hobby like painting, gardening, knitting, photography etc.

6. Stay positive

Stay away from sad thoughts and avoid watching horror and thriller shows and movies as it can have a bad impact on the baby. Keep yourself engaged in positive talks and activities.


The baby's brain grows when you perform Garbh Sanskar. It helps babies to feel safer and loved. It is also recommended to eat a healthy and balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Talking to babies helps them develop smarter and less depressed. It's important to feel related to your baby while you're pregnant. By performing these practices in their daily routine, parents can contribute to the well-being and development of their children.

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