7 Must-Have Hospital Bag Essentials For New Moms

7 Must-Have Hospital Bag Essentials For New Moms

Every new mom will necessarily ask herself “What do I pack with me when I go to deliver the baby?” Well, ladies it's not much – but you’re bound to be confused given the circumstances. Your due date can be approaching and you may be nervous already!! It’s time to welcome your baby, get ready to bring home your bundle of joy – and ensure that you have everything ready for her/him when she/he comes, use this checklist!

Here Are 7 Must-haves In Your Hospital Bag 

Before heading to the hospital make sure you bring these essentials.

1. Baby clothes 

Very obvious! But yes let’s not leave anything off the list, shall we? Soft clothes made from pure cotton are a must for your newborn. Opt for baby clothes that can be opened easily like bodysuits, sleeper gowns and infant This can be simply pulled up and the diaper-changing job can be done easily. Pack side snaps t-shirts for your new born as it will give her/him some space for the fetal cord which would not have been cut off fully. Before packing make sure to wash all the clothes in unscented or baby-safe detergent and sundry.

2. Diapers and wipes 

Most of the hospitals will give some of these to you, but it is always better to bring your own – (smallest) size diapers and wipes of your preferred brands. Choose a natural and chemical-free brand if your budget permits.  Pack enough of these for a week at least in your hospital bag – as when your baby begins pooping – they’ll be over in a giffy!

3. Mittens and Socks

Babies are born with nails, with which they love to scratch their own delicate faces. So pack a few pairs of infant mittens to prevent the baby from hurting her/himself.  Also, protect their little feet with infant socks as they are used to the warm temperature in the womb and may feel cold outside.

4. Nursing pillow 

Nursing Pillows are versatile C-shaped pillows that will help you to comfortably feed your little one. You will get enough support as this pillow elevates the little one's head and brings her up to a suitable level. You can then nurse on demand without hurting your neck, back and arms. Look for a cute print nursing pillow as these have multiple uses later on as well. Nursing pillows can be used in future as a backrest for babies when they begin to sit on their own. You can also use it during periods in between your legs to reduce the cramps pain.

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5. Swaddle blankets or Nursing covers 

The hospital may gift you one, but it is always advisable to bring one swaddle blanket and a sleep sack. For the initial few weeks, your baby will curl up into the fetal position and you can use these to keep her cozy. A nursing cover is a versatile piece of clothing that you can use for both yourself and your little one.

6. Extra undergarments and Extra-absorbent pads

Period panties and pads are a must-have in your hospital bag. It is advisable to pack extra pairs of undergarments and pads – as you are going to be needing them! Adira Period Panties are soft and made with cotton as any other material is not suitable. The fabric of the undergarments is breathable, soft and comfortable. These undergarments also will support your belly. As there will be post-delivery bleeding, Adira Period Panties can be used along with pads to help prevent staining.

7. Nursing wear

Nursing Tops, Feeding Kurtis and Feeding Nighties are something you should have in your bag. Morph’s leak-proof nursing bra, material is 100% leak-proof and is made using breathable fabric. All you need is to drop the attachment and this makes for easy nursing.

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Make sure you have all these 7 essential items in your hospital bag for an easy and stress-free birthing experience. It is always best to pack your hospital bag 15-20 days before your due date because babies sometimes can surprise their mommies – they just can’t wait to meet you!!

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