Love Them, They’re Yours!

Love Them, They’re Yours!

You’ve read it right, I’m talking of your stretch marks probably hidden under that foundation. Your stretch marks are the ultimate form of love, they narrate a courageous tale. You’ve aced womanhood, flaunt them with pride! They shine for you, they’re your stripes, your Silver Stripes. They’re the proof you gave up on your body to introduce your munchkin to this beautiful world. You made your spouse a father, you bought two beautiful beings together. Your stripes shine for you, you’re a Queen yourself.

Since generations now, women have been treated with disregard for something they should be celebrated for. Enduring your body comes with a price, the price is love.

Don’t give them the power to take what’s yours and mold it into something unrealistic and harsh and give it back to you their way! Own your Silver stripes.

Here’s what our Yashram family has to say about #SilverStripes :

Deepa Kumar,  CEO 

My first introduction to #SilverStripes was when my mom’s belly would show through the beautiful sarees she would wear. I remember asking her once ‘Amma what are these lines’? She said to me smilingly, ‘This is evidence that you and your naughty brothers lived here’. It was such a beautiful thought and way of looking at it. From then on, whenever I would get a glimpse of her stretch marks, it would bring a smile on my face thinking it was my first home. 

As I grew up and became a young woman myself, I was exposed to negative conversations around stretch marks and what a woman must do to prevent them. During the course of my own pregnancy, I was in a crazy pursuit of preventing them. From asking my relatives from abroad to send me the latest creams to religiously applying coconut oil twice a day, I did it all. 

But then, the streaks did appear. While they faded over the years, I still had them and used to be insecure about it. Even some of the blogs we did on our site was around preventing them. I was prey to the negative perspective around stretch marks and unfortunately was actively participating in spreading the insecurity.

In a recent brainstorming session with my team on bringing in positive conversations around pregnancy, I became aware of this insecurity about stretch marks which are an integral part of pregnancies. Along the way I had forgotten what my mother had said and how proudly she owned her SilverStripes. So, we as a team decided to do work on an awareness campaign to spread positivity about stretch marks. To talk proudly of SilverStripes. 

Today, I own my #SilverStripes with pride and I hope you join me too. 

Shilpa, Human Resource

I have a 5 year old baby girl. Initially I shied away from  my stretch marks, as there was negative conversation about stretch marks around me. But now seeing my daughter’s mischief, I feel great about myself and it increases my confidence level as well. I will feel so happy that this naughty kid was inside me, my silver stripes  remind me of the wonderful moments that I spent with my daughter. 

There is a wonderful saying by Ushmil Rimjha:

“Stretch marks are just marks that disturb your confidence whenever you wear anything. Confidence removes every scar and every mark.”    

Which is very true. We together can spread positivity about stretch marks in all.

Diya Sara, Ecommerce Executive

There’s no ultimate beauty, but mom! My love for her doubles when I see her stretch marks and realise I was there. Happiness shines through her eyes when my mum talks about her journey through pregnancy. Such a miracle! I adore her beauty and her stretch marks which constantly remind me of my birth and my life in her womb.

Vikas Shrama, Head – Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

After my daughter’s birth my wife was insecure about her stretch marks. She received unsolicited, negative remarks about her stretch marks I told her these marks are her war wounds and are a symbol of strength .There is 100% a huge stigma surrounding stretch marks, despite the fact that they’re entirely natural and normal! This stigma needs to be broken. I encourage other women to do the same as their bodies are capable of bearing new life and plenty of amazing things. Why not embrace them? 

Sadiya Naureen, Ecommerce  Intern

It was disturbing for me to see my mum’s stretch marks when I was a child. I didn’t find her beautiful enough, I was wrong! Her marks don’t define her beauty. I realised I was the reason she got them. Since then, I’ve been thankful and grateful to my mother for taking the pain to introduce me and my siblings to this beautiful world!

Anand R, Ecommerce Brand Manager

To even think about my wife’s stretch marks, the feeling of bringing a new life into this world is nothing short of a miracle. My wife’s courage to go through this laborious process during her pregnancy days amazed me and it created a lot of respect towards her and all women who went through this. I adore her stretch marks as it depicts the struggle she went through and it marked an important milestone as we had a new addition to our family. I honestly believe women need to be respected for the same as opposed to the negativity around the stretch marks.

Quite evident it is from above that  perception is changing with time. It’s time to not only uplift women around you, but also raise the bars for womanhood. With time, generations are evolving and only if you accept your flaws and love yourself thoroughly will you be able to reciprocate the same to girls growing up.

Love your #SilverStripes.

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