10 Important Tips For Having A Normal Delivery

10 Important Tips For Having A Normal Delivery

The increasing number of C-sections has reduced the importance of delivering a baby through normal delivery. Giving birth to a child through normal delivery has many benefits for the child and the mother. Until it is absolutely needed, most doctors don’t suggest a mother go for a C-section. Nevertheless, having a smooth and trouble-free normal delivery needs certain preparation right from day one of your pregnancy. Read the following tips to learn how to have a normal delivery

1. Develop A Positive Attitude About Natural Childbirth

To experience a normal delivery, first and foremost, the mother should develop a positive attitude about normal delivery. For most mothers, particularly new moms, apprehensiveness toward their delivery is quite common. Whether they are experiencing it for the first time or for the second they naturally tend to be apprehensive.
So it is important to develop a positive attitude towards normal delivery and not develop a fear of labour. Understand that this is a method that has been given as a boon by nature not only to human beings but also to so many other creatures on this planet. A woman’s body is naturally engineered to give birth, so why fear?
Pregnant woman

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2. Performing Garbh Sanskar 

Garbh Sanskar refers to an ancient Ayurvedic practice of teaching good things to your unborn child even when it is developing in your womb. Though it may sound strange to many of us, performing Garbh sanskar has a lot of positive impact on mother and child. Positivity contributes a lot to your child’s growth before and after the child is born. The Mahabharata, an Indian epic, speaks about Garbh Sanskar much before medical science brought forth proof supporting the theory that babies can hear inside the womb
You can perform this art of communicating with your unborn baby by reading good books, developing positive thinking, talking to your child and having a calm and stress-free mind.t has been proven beyond doubt that babies can listen and learn, feel and recognize your touch and can communicate with you through their actions even before being born.

3. Joining A Birthing Or Lamaze Class 

Dr.Lamaze from the Soviet Union had come up with breathing and relaxation techniques during the 1950s which prepared the mother to cope better with pain during labour.
The modern birthing or Lamaze classes teach both mother and father how to prepare for normal delivery and even give tips about caring for a newborn. These birthing classes introduce many techniques related to labour pain management, exercises that strengthen your core muscles and promote your psychological and physiological condition for natural childbirth.

4. Stay Active

Pregnancy comes with morning sickness for some and makes them less active. Despite the sickness, you must learn to stay active all the time. Besides doing work that cannot be avoided, one must do at least one physical activity.
Whether you are someone who does exercise regularly or not, exercising during pregnancy is very vital for normal delivery. Brisk walking, pelvic floor or kegel exercise and stretching and squatting are to be given more importance as they help in promoting expected delivery.

5. Prenatal Yoga 

Prenatal yoga is gaining popularity in prenatal care. These specific asanas focus on your core muscles like back muscles, spinal cord and kegel muscles to improve flexibility. By doing yoga specific to labour, one can stretch their back, contracting and relaxing their pelvic muscles and strengthening their pelvic bone. 
Pregnancy Yoga

6. Don’t Put On Too Much Weight 

The myth that pregnant women should eat for two, is so not true. Though it is true that you need to increase your intake of food, the actual increase in calories requirement for the first two trimesters is not more than 25% of your current intake.
There is no harm in eating multiple times a day when you are hungry. But if you are not, don’t simply gain calories which in turn results in an extremely heavyweight baby making a normal delivery rather difficult.
Pregnancy Weight Gain

7. Follow A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

When you conceive, your body needs more vitamins and nutrients which most moms may not be getting. While taking supplements is important they can’t replace the need for a healthy pregnancy diet. Eat natural and healthy foods which are high in vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains which are high in carbohydrates and proteins can give good nutrition to you and to your baby

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8. Practice Perineal Massage

Perineal massage can be done on any pregnant woman in the last 4 to 6 weeks before her delivery due date. This massage widens the birth canal up to 10 cm in diameter which is required during normal delivery. Performing this massage before labour prepares the pelvic muscle to enlarge and prevent unwanted tearing of the perineum during the natural delivery of a child. This massage also lessens the chance of using a vacuum extraction when a child struggles to emerge.

9. Listen To Soothing Music And Practice Breathing Exercises And Meditation

An expectant mom should spare some time to listen to relaxing music. As music has the power to touch a soul, you can start communicating with your baby through music. Music may help you to transmit your thoughts to your child and also develop a healthier bond between you and the baby
Meditation is another way of relaxing your mind, body and spirit. Proper breathing exercises will enable you to manage your labour pains and control breathlessness during the process of normal delivery.

10. Choose Low-Intervention Pregnancy

Always opt for low-intervention delivery when it is not needed. The more natural your delivery is the healthier you and your baby will be during the postnatal period. Choosing a doctor and hospital that supports normal delivery and is child friendly, will help you also achieve your goal of a normal delivery.
All of the above tips will be good if performed under the advice of your gynecologist. In case of any doubt always consult your doctor. Here is Dr.Shilpa addressing concerns you might have about c-section.



We wish you a very happy pregnancy and hope you have an easy normal delivery which is the dream of every pregnant woman. If possible always opt for normal delivery; it helps for quick healing and is less complicated. If there are complications or your doctor believes that a c-section is a better option for you, it's best if you are not closed to the idea. After all, C-sections are very common and moms are able to get back to their pre-pregnancy health just as well with C-section as in the case of normal delivery.

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