Do Dads Really Need Paternity Leave?

Do Dads Really Need Paternity Leave?

The recent amendments in the Maternity Benefits Act in India have started a discussion about the need to introduce a paternity act law. There is a lot of confusion regarding what paternity leave is basically because the concept was not popular in India until a few years ago. We, at Morph Maternity, have compiled facts and figures on paternity leave to help you decide what is best for you.

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What Is Paternity Leave? 

Paternity leave is the time a father takes off from work upon the birth of his child. The period of the leave and the nature, whether paid or unpaid, differs from place to place.

What Countries Have A Paternity Leave Policy? 

Almost all countries have a paternity leave policy; for example –

  • Norway  – The country offers equal parental leave (maternity and paternity leave) of 46 weeks at full pay or 56 weeks at 80% pay.
  • Spain  – Fathers are entitled to 30 days of paid leave from work, in all sectors.
  • Iceland – Mandatory leave of 3 months is given to fathers at 80% pay; they can further extend the leave for 3 months i.e. a total of 6 months of paternity leave.

    Does India Recognize Paternity Leave? 

    India, as of December’17, doesn’t have a law in place for paternity leave, unlike the Maternity Benefits Act, though; certain members of Parliament are championing a Paternity Benefits Act. Hence, currently all private firms have their own rules and regulations; most companies offer some kind of paternity leave. Government employees are allocated 15 days of paternity leave which is extended to cases of adoption as well.

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    Why Paternity Leave Is Required?

    Paternity leave helps the father in bonding with the baby, this time can also be used to help your partner as she would be recovering from all the changes in her body, it is especially beneficial if you and your spouse don’t have any help from a family member.

    How To Make The Best Use Of Your Paternity Leave? 

    Dads can utilize their paternity leave by –

    • Take the time to bond with your child by playing, interacting, taking care of their needs, or simply being present with them. 
    • Over time, you both will develop a deep bond. The mother requires and would certainly appreciate any kind of help she can get in taking care of the baby, her own health and the house. 
    • The baby will need to be fed several times a day, even at odd hours and the father can help the mother hold the baby, provide emotional support, or do anything else she requires. 
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      Raising a baby is the joint responsibility of both the mother and the father; paternity leave ensures that the father also gets an opportunity to be an integral part of the baby’s early years. Everyone should have the right to take time off work to care for and bond with their new baby, whether they're the mom or dad. When dads take time off after the baby is born, it helps them become better parents and get more involved in their child's life. Meanwhile, moms can focus on their own recovery and well-being while spending time with the baby.


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