Eating For Two: The Do's And Don'ts Of Diet During Pregnancy

Eating For Two: The Do's And Don'ts Of Diet During Pregnancy

Whatever moms-to-be eat or drink not only affects their health but is also the main source of nourishment for the baby. Hence, it is important to consciously make healthy food choices that would help provide nutrients for the baby’s growth and development.

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Stop Stressing About Weight Gain; Eat For Your Baby!

Most women wonder about weight gain and body changes during pregnancy. Don’t stress yourself about the weight you are putting on instead concentrate on your and the baby’s health; and understand that weight gain over the months is actually healthy and needed, for the proper growth and development of the baby. Eat what is required.

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What To Eat During Pregnancy

You will find that in every trimester you need to consume some different kinds of foods or drinks; which is based on what nutrients your body essentially requires at that time, like –

  • First Trimester – Take a pre-pregnancy diet but add a few nutrients like iron and zinc.
  • Second Trimester – Concentrate on intake of calcium, magnesium and vitamin-D
  • Third Trimester – Take 200 extra calories and focus on calcium, fibre and vitamins.

Regardless of your current stage of pregnancy, the following foods would benefit you a lot –

  • Fruits and Vegetables – They have high fiber content along with minerals and vitamins.
  • Whole Grains  – Source of energy, they also provide iron and important B vitamins.
  • Dairy Products – Turn to dairy products for calcium, protein and vitamin D.
  • Lean Proteins  – Include protein sources; like beans, tofu, eggs, nuts and cheese.

What To Not Eat During Pregnancy

Though a lot of foods and drinks are entirely safe to consume, there are certain items that you should restrict from your diet, like –

  • Caffeine – Don’t completely stop consumption of caffeine (if you don’t want to) but limit it to fewer than 200 mg of caffeine per day. 
  • Fish with a high level of mercury – Mercury is a toxic chemical that causes harm to the development of a baby’s brain, kidneys and nervous system. 
  • Undercooked meat/eggs – These increase the chances of infection and food poisoning.

How To Make Healthy Choices The Party Season

You can enjoy the holiday season, the way you want; going out with friends, attending parties, or maybe even hosting one; however, the key is to maintain a healthy despite everything. This will ensure that you and your baby remain healthy. You should –

  • Limit eating out too often; enjoy going out, but try to minimize your consumption of outside food
  • Bring food from home or opt for healthier choices when eating out.
  • Strictly avoid consuming any kind of drink that contains alcohol or its traces.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid coming in contact with people while they are smoking.


    Being pregnant is overwhelming and exciting as well. It's critical to understand that each woman's pregnancy is unique and no two journeys are alike. So comparing your pregnancy to someone else's isn't a good idea. To ensure you get all the nutrients you need, try to eat a variety of different foods. Eating more frequent meals is also helpful, but it's important to listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full. Check out our blogs to learn more about how to eat a healthy pregnancy diet during each trimester.

    Don’t worry, be happy and enjoy this phase as much as possible!


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