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How To Tell Your Older Child About Your Pregnancy?

How To Tell Your Older Child About Your Pregnancy?

So, you have a bun in the oven again, but this time you have one more person to share the news with. Your first born or may be older children are equally important to you and yes, they should be involved in your pregnancy as well. As a caring parent, you must know when to break the news to them. Are you worried will they take it positively or not? Then, read this post till the end that enlightens you with some of the most creative ways to tell your child you are pregnant.

How to tell your older child about your pregnancy?

Yes, we have found some great ways to announce your pregnancy to your kids that will really make it worth it. The trick lies in breaking this important news in a light way. So, you need to be absolutely sure that they take it in the best ways. Of course, they are smarter and in most cases, you need not tell them too much, as you will find them already prepared. Have a look at these creative ways to share the news of your pregnancy with them. 

  • Age is a major factor – If your first born is under 5, then you have to use different ways to help them comprehend the situation. You may be thinking about the right time or when to tell your 3 year old about your pregnancy. You must keep this mind that an older toddler or a preschooler is experienced than babies by this age. They may have met their friend’s siblings at the school or playground. This means they have a faint understanding of this, but you never know how they will react once they get one for them. This is a difficult age as they may be undergoing potty training. They may crave for your attention more at this stage, but they certainly are not sure of their feelings yet. You will have to explain it to them with extra hugs and kisses for sure.
  • Let them guess – To be honest, some kids have this sixth sense and they totally know what is coming next. Too cute, let them guess and tell you instead of you telling them. Solves the problem for all. 
  • Bake a cake – We are mothers too, which is why we came up with this idea that of baking a cake in the shape of a teether or a bootie (anything that drops a clue of a baby on board). Yes, but make sure that the cake is of their favorite flavor. Show them the cake and ask them “who do you think is having a baby” and other such questions. They will figure it out and just be prepared for the worst. They may like it or may not. It is up to them and do give them the time to get used to it.
  • First ultrasound – This is too delightful an idea! Yes, take them to your first ultrasound and let them watch their sibling. Tell them they were in there once and now it is their small sister or brother. Share the photos of your ultrasound if you cannot take them along with you. This is a great way to connect with their siblings.
  • Gift them something unique – Buy them a t-shirt that says, big brother or sister aloud. This could be the best way to tell them that there is a baby on the way. In the same way, you must treat yourself at times during your pregnancy like getting fancy maternity clothes, getting a spa treatment (only if recommended by your OBGYN) or planning that much awaited baby shower.
  • How about a scrapbook – If you have older kids at home, it could be still easier to tell them, but if the first born is 4 or 5, then this seems to be a tedious task. You may be contemplating when to tell 4 year old about pregnancy, but trust us, you can use a scrapbook for the same. Find baby pictures, photographs of babies with children, story cut outs about babies, decorate it with colors and read them out loud. Does it sound good? Try it once and you will never regret it.

Final Verdict:

You see, you could use these fun ways to announce pregnancy to kids to make it interesting. Have faith in them, even if they whine about it. Not every kid that open to your news for the first time may be a bad sibling. In fact, some of such kids may turn out to be the best elder brother or sister one may have! All you need is little patience with your first born or older children and let them soak in the news.

You will have a happy family that will welcome the newborn with open arms.

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