How To Dress For Your Pregnancy Scans?

How To Dress For Your Pregnancy Scans?

You will find yourself taking certain pregnancy scans, also called sonograms or ultrasound tests, which are common in every pregnancy. Prescribing a scan doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your or the baby’s health. Don’t get worried if the doctor recommends a scan because, throughout your pregnancy, scans need to be done at intervals to check on the baby’s growth and see for unusual signs. 

There are two kinds of scans, namely, vaginal scan and pelvic scan. Your doctor would recommend a certain type of scan based on your stage of pregnancy and symptoms.

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Pregnancy Scans – Vaginal Scan 

This scan is also referred to as the internal scan because unlike regular ultrasound for pregnancy tests where the ultrasound wand (also called a transducer) rests outside the pelvis, this internal examination requires the insertion of an ultrasound probe into your vaginal cavity. A doctor would usually recommend it during the early stages of pregnancy as the baby is too low in your abdomen for a normal scan to produce clear images. 

Pregnancy Scans – Pelvic Scan 

The pelvic ultrasound, unlike the vaginal scan, is not an internal examination. You must simply lie down while the doctor applies a special gel on your abdomen and pelvic area. The transducer will then be moved around over the gel which will help it capture the internal images on the screen. 

How To Dress For Your Pregnancy Scans 

The key to getting your scans done without any problem is to simply relax and the type of clothes you wear to a scan will majorly affect your comfort level. Choose the correct kind of clothing depending on the type of scan you are undergoing. For example, wearing a dress while undergoing, a pelvic ultrasound for a pregnancy scan would prove to be a bad idea as you will be asked to move up the dress so that the gel can be applied to your abdomen and pelvic area, this might make you feel extremely uncomfortable throughout the scan.

Choosing the correct type of clothes would make a huge difference. If you are going in for a pelvic scan, pairing Kurtis or Tops with a pair of comfortable bottoms would be an ideal outfit and you can simply fold your top for the scan to take place.

If you are undergoing a vaginal scan, you might want to wear something comfortable that would help you relax before as well as after the scan. You will be asked to undress from the waist down and it is a good idea to wear a long top or Kurti so you won’t need to be completely undressed. Some hospitals might offer a gown during the test once you have undressed from the waist down, however, you should check that in advance while making an appointment.

Wearing a Kurti or a long top with comfortable bottoms would ideally be the best outfit for any scan and it would surely be good to invest in some affordable yet trendy range of maternity wear clothes. You can shop from a wide range of maternity and nursing clothes at, India’s most loved maternity wear brand.

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Dressing up for pregnancy scans can be daunting, but with proper guidance, you can confidently style yourself for the pregnancy scans. At Morph Maternity, we believe that pregnancy is a beautiful journey that should be enjoyed with comfort and style. So, whether it's your first or last scan, be sure to follow our guide and dress up in style with Morph Maternity!

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