What Are Maternity Jeans? Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Maternity Jeans? Why Do You Need Them?

Jeans are a staple favorite among women and if you love sporting a pair too then there is no need for you to give it up during your pregnancy. There are well-fitting maternity jeans available that can be a great addition to your maternity wardrobe. Read on to know whether wearing a pair of jeans would affect the health of the baby, what are the available types and how to select the perfect pair –

What Are Maternity Jeans?

Maternity jeans are like your regular jeans except for the fact that they are specially made to suit your needs during pregnancy, like, they are elasticized to stretch as your belly grows. They are mostly soft, stretchy and comfortable.

Is It Safe To Wear Tight Pants While Pregnant?

This is something that most moms worry about and it arises from the myth that tight jeans or any tight clothes, in general, would hurt or ‘squish’ the baby. However, the truth is far from this. Tight clothes don’t affect the baby in any way, they might just feel uncomfortable for the mother as the belly expands, but this depends on personal choice. If you are comfortable in a pair of jeans, you can wear a pair without any worry.

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What Are The Types Of Belly Types In Maternity Jeans And How To Choose?

So, when you go shopping for maternity clothes, you might come across three basic types of maternity jeans and knowing them would help you make the best choice for yourself –

  • Low Belly – If you are more comfortable with a pair of jeans that would sit lower on your belly (mostly under the bump) then this one is for you.
  • Mid Belly – The mid-belly jeans sit slightly over the bump and provide support.
  • High Belly – The high-belly jeans are specially designed to cover your bump and also provide support to the growing belly.

All of these are made keeping in mind the ease of the to-be-mother, however, you can determine what would be best for you according to what you find more comfortable; you can also find different styles like boot cut, flared, or capri to suit your taste.

How Can I Wear My Jeans When Pregnant?

If you are still in your first trimester or you just can’t let go of wearing that pair of black jeans you love then, worry not, you can still wear them for some time by using a pregnancy belly band. You can wear your jeans by leaving them open and then pull the pregnancy band over them for a layered look. It also provides support to your back during and post-delivery.

So, don’t worry, take your pick there are lots of maternity wear options available to help you look stylish yet feel comfortable during your journey to motherhood!

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Maternity jeans are special jeans that pregnant women can wear for comfort and style during pregnancy. It's a myth that wearing tight clothes, including jeans, can harm the baby. There are three types of maternity jeans to choose from, depending on where they sit on the belly. You can also use a pregnancy belly band to wear your regular jeans for a bit longer. Pregnant women have many options to choose from to look fashionable and comfortable during their pregnancy.


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