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Pregnancy Shopping Guide For Every Trimester

Pregnancy Shopping Guide For Every Trimester

Yayy ! Congratulations, you are going to be a mama.

This is a very exciting phase, especially if you are a first time mama as you will see beautiful changes in your body both physically and emotionally. Your baby bump will develop, your breasts will start getting ready to nurse your little one and you will see yourself going through emotional changes too. To help you through your changes, we’ve put together a handy shopping checklist that will help you with what you will need during each trimester.


  • Pregnancy books: Books are a must-have for you, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. They help you to understand the changes that your body is going through. Our personal favourite is What To Expect When You Are Expecting by Heidi Murkoff.
  • Maternity belly bands: You can read about the band and why you need it here. These stretchy belts basically hold your pre- pregnancy pants and jeans up and are a stop gap solution till you invest in maternity pants. You can buy them here.
  • Maternity pillow: As your belly starts to grow, you will start to feel a strain in your back. The maternity & nursing pillow has many uses and you can buy them here.
Maternity & Nursing Pillow.
Maternity & Nursing Pillow
  • Comfy bras: As you progress through your pregnancy, you will start to notice that your breasts start to enlarge and you might feel them getting itchy too. So moving to soft cotton bras without itchy lace and trims will help you stay comfortable.
  • Maternity panties: As your baby belly starts to grow, you will need comfortable maternity underwear. Morph Maternity’s range of maternity panties, while being comfy and growing with your belly, come with a special hygiene patch at the crotch that prevents infections that might be caused by using public washrooms.



  • Maternity pants: During the second trimester, you will find the need to invest in good quality maternity pants that will take you through your pregnancy. Trendy maternity jeans and smart trousers come with a stretchable belly panel that will help you get through your pregnancy in style and comfort. You can buy them here.

  • Pregnancy tops: As the belly expands, it’s nice to flaunt your belly in trendy maternity tops that fit. Be it for work or a casual day out, Morph Maternity’s wide range of maternity tops will keep you in style.
  • Maternity night wear: Troubled sleep is a possibility during this time. Frequent trips to the wash room and the belly weighing down might cause sleeplessness. Wearing comfortable night gowns or pjs will help get your snoozes.
  • Pregnancy body pillow: If your notice that you are susceptible to back ache, a body pillow might help you to rest better. You can buy it here.


  • Anti Radiation belt: Today’s day and age warrant for a lot usage of radiation emitting devices such as cell phones, lap tops and microwaves. An Anti-EM belt will keep your baby safe from harmful radiation. You can buy it here.


  • Nursing tops & kurtis: During the final trimester you will see your baby belly grow and you will need maternity top-wear that accommodate it. It might be wise to invest in tops and kurtis that will flatter your baby belly and double up as breastfeeding wear when the baby arrives.
Breastfeeding Kurtis
Breastfeeding Kurtis
  • Nursing Stole/Poncho: This is a must have for every pregnant mama. A simple stole that has multiple uses to keep you in style, cover you belly and it also works as a nursing cover for when the baby arrives. You can buy it here.
Nursing Cover
Nursing Cover
  • Maternity Dresses : Don’t we all know dresses drape the belly in the most flattering way. Be it dressing up for your baby shower or for a dinner out with your love, wearing a dress, be it a maxi or a midi will add oomph to your pregnancy wardrobe.
  • Nursing Bras: It’s best to invest in nursing bras at this stage as you will be needing them very soon anyways. Morph Maternity has a range of bras that are leak proof and prevent breast milk from spilling through your clothes. You can buy them here.

  • Baby books: As you come towards the end of your pregnancy, it would be wise to read up about new borns and what to expect when it comes to baby care. Our favourite is What To Expect The First Year by Heidi Murkoff.

We, at Morph Maternity wish all your mamas a happy and safe pregnancy. 

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