Maternity Innerwear: Do You Really Need Them?

Maternity Innerwear: Do You Really Need Them?

With so many maternity innerwear options flooding the market, new mothers may need help to choose the best one. Let's simplify everything you need to know about maternity innerwear and make an informed choice.

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What Is Maternity Innerwear? 

Maternity innerwear is specially designed innerwear for women to wear during and after pregnancy, including maternity panties and bras. They provide support and comfort through the pregnancy phase.

Why Do You Need Special Innerwear For Pregnancy? 

Pregnancy brings many physical changes to a woman's body, like growing belly and breasts. To stay comfortable, you can switch to maternity innerwear. Maternity panties and bras are stretchable and made of soft, comfortable fabric to support pregnancy. After pregnancy, nursing bras support breastfeeding by helping the mother feed the child more easily.

Types Of Maternity Panties 

There are two types of maternity panties:

  • High-Waisted maternity panties : Often called "Grandma Panties," they cover and fit your growing belly.
  • Low-Waisted maternity panties: Similar to regular bikini-style panties, they lie lower on your waist and don't cover your belly.

Morph Maternity has introduced a unique product for expectant mothers called Maternity Hygiene Panties. They have a specially treated health strip in the crotch area that inhibits the growth of infection-causing bacteria, preventing urinary infections. It is made to fit the growing belly and also has anti-odor properties.

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Types Of Maternity Bras 

Breasts become swollen and tender during pregnancy, making maternity bras a comfortable option. There are two types of maternity bras available:

  • Underwire maternity bras: They offer support but should not have a rigid underwire that could affect blood and milk flow.
  • Without wire maternity bras: They are designed to provide relief from sensitivity and fit comfortably on growing breasts.

Your breasts will grow a few cup sizes over the months to prepare for feeding the child, so keep the sizing and flexibility of the material in mind while buying maternity wear.

Types Of Nursing Bras 

The main aim of nursing bras is to provide support for breastfeeding the child. They make it easy to open the bra without removing the entire garment. Various kinds of nursing bras are available, such as:

  • Drop Cup bras: The most popular choice, they offer the support of a regular bra but have a clasp to let the cup down when you need to breastfeed your baby.
  • Sleep bras: Made from soft fabric and usually without wires, they allow you to sleep comfortably and pull down the side if you need to feed the baby.


Maternity innerwear is designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women. They provide extra support and comfort to help you feel more comfortable as your body changes. Morph Maternity has a unique leak-proof nursing bra with cups designed to be 100% leak-proof so that you don't have to face any embarrassing situation in public. Its soft and breathable fabric makes you feel at ease.

Now, that you know all you need to know about maternity underwear, you can make an informed choice!


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