How To Deal With Work Stress During Pregnancy

How To Deal With Work Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnant women face physical stress, in the form of achy joints and muscles, as well as mental stress, as they are confused, scared and sometimes even get frustrated with the numerous physical and hormonal changes in their bodies over such a short period of time. However, working to-be-moms face work stress as well which needs to be managed tactfully as it is important to ensure that no kind of stress or strong emotions dominate you throughout your pregnancy because it directly affects your and the baby’s health. Here are some things you can do to cope with stress –

Practice Breathing Exercises At Work 

Shallow breathing, which is how most people breathe all the time, will not help meet your oxygen requirements as you have to provide ample oxygen for the baby’s growth; hence, breathing exercises are essential to maximize your breathing capacity and also will help cope up with stress, both physical (relief from achy joints and muscles) and mental (worries and anxiety). You can use little breaks between work and practice breathing exercises for a few minutes like deep breathing.

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Make Workspace Comfortable

You can make your workspace more comfortable with some simple changes. For example, if your work involves sitting in one place for long, like, in front of the computer, then you should carry a maternity pillow with you for comfort; using it like back support while sitting will provide relief and help avoid back aches and pains; read this blog to know more. You can also keep some medicines, a water bottle and other things that you require in front of you.

Use Anti-Electromagnetic Belt 

If your work involves staying in contact with electronic devices for longer periods of time, then you must have surely wondered whether it is safe for you to use laptops and cell phones for longer periods; several studies have concluded that radiation from devices does affect the baby’s growth. However, you can try wearing the anti-electromagnetic belt which protects the unborn baby from harmful electromagnetic radiation and you can wear it inside or even outside your regular clothes.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The best way to tackle stress is to simply take care of yourself and stop worrying much about things that are not in your control. Instead of worrying, use that time to take care of your health and the health of your baby. Make healthy lifestyle choices when you feel like snacking, choose to eat fruits. Also, make sure to exercise regularly and practice Pranayama, which not only facilitates comfortable labor but also promotes rest and relaxation whenever you feel tired.

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Don’t Stress, Enjoy Your Journey To Motherhood! 

Don’t stress much, instead take good care of yourself and think positive thoughts. Wear something good that would not only make you look good but also feel good; you might like to check this blog on pregnancy fashion. Try to not get irritated by little things; think about how a few weeks or months from now, you will be a mother to a little angel and how every second brings you two closer.


Pregnancy can be a tough journey, especially if you have a job. It's important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Try to reduce stress from work to keep you and your baby healthy. Try to stay positive and happy. All your efforts to take care of yourself will be worth it when you finally have your beautiful baby.

Smile, relax and enjoy your journey to motherhood!

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