Baby Shower Dresses & How To Choose One

Baby Shower Dresses & How To Choose One

A baby shower is an occasion to celebrate one of the most special phases in a woman’s life. But planning the event might not be as fun as the day itself. Planning the theme, the food, the games, the guest list, the venue can be a daunting task. Many pregnant moms often wonder what is the right dress to wear at their baby shower party. To ensure you have an outfit that’s as memorable as the occasion itself, we at MorphMaternity rounded up an assortment of incredible baby shower dresses for stylish mums. With this blog you will know about our best baby shower dresses & how to choose one for yourself.

For The Evening Soirée 

We have you covered for any after-dark occasion with our range of Maternity dresses. The range had scene-stealing designs in flowy & rich fabrics to flatter your baby bump. Paired with a crystal crown, you are surely set to be the queen of the night.

For The Afternoon Garden Party 

A garden-themed party is definitely going to be a success with your friends and family.  An English Garden Themed Baby Shower with pretty blossoms & floral scents is romantic and beautiful. A beautiful floral tiara with a pretty maxi will be the best way to flaunt your baby bump for this theme.

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For The Chic Do 

Nowadays, it is popular to host baby showers at chic restaurants , especially with office colleagues. For occasions like that, a modern chic maxi maternity dress would be the perfect choice. Teamed with a light bead tiara, you will look modern yet romantic.

For The Indian Ceremony 

Though the word ‘Baby Shower’ is western, we in India have been celebrating it for many centuries. These functions are called Godh bharai in Hindi,  in Bengali it is known as Shaad and Seemandham in Malayalam. Every region has a way of celebrating this special occasion and it is mostly celebrated during the 7th month of pregnancy. A lot of Indian women now end up having 2 ceremonies, one a traditional function with family and one with friends as a Baby Shower.

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Finding the perfect baby shower dress can be a fun and exciting part of preparing for the celebration. You might be getting a lot of suggestions on what you wear but your comfort and personal style are most important. Whether you want to go for something classic and elegant or something trendy and unique there are plenty of options at Morph Maternity. You can find the ideal baby shower dress that will make you feel confident and attractive.

We Wish All of You Moms A Beautiful Pregnancy!!

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