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How Long After Baby Arrives Can I Have Sex?

How Long After Baby Arrives Can I Have Sex?

New-parents usually have a lot of questions about having sex during pregnancy and they have similar apprehensions about having sex after childbirth as well. Hence, we have tried to compile answers to common queries that new-parents have about having sex after childbirth, how safe it is and how soon can they have a go at it.

When is it safe to have sex after childbirth?

Usually doctors recommend waiting for 6 weeks after childbirth before having sex because women go for their post-partum check-up around that time and the doctor can then see and tell whether it would be safe or to wait for some time more. You should at least wait for 3 weeks post-delivery or till vaginal bleeding and discharge (referred to as Lochia) has stopped which is a sign of your uterus being healed. Having sex while the bleeding and discharge takes place can cause infections as the area is still vulnerable.

When can I have sex if I have had stitches during childbirth?

If you have had stitches, episiotomy or C-section during childbirth then you might have to wait longer for the wounds to heal and for you to have sex. Trying to have sex before the wounds have healed is dangerous because not only will it be painful but might put pressure on the stiches and cause a rupture; and you would have to get stitches done again.

Are there any tips for sex after childbirth?

The key to having sex soon after delivery is to make sure you heal from the whole experience of childbirth sooner, physically and mentally; and you need to take care of yourself for that to happen as a lot of your time and energy will go in taking care of the child and coping with the exhaustion and pains of the changes your body has undergone. Try taking care of yourself by –

  • Eat well and drink plenty of fluids to keep your energy levels up. Try resting as much as possible so that you don’t feel tired and exhausted all the time.
  • Keep doing pelvic floor exercises to gain back muscle strength and control. You can try exercise sets like Kegels that help a lot post-delivery.
  • Dress-up in something good so that you even feel good about yourself; you can check Morph Maternity’s trendy range of nursing dresses and bras.

Sex after delivery is painful; shall I approach the doctor?

If you and your partner have tried having sex a couple of times (after the bleeding and discharge has stopped or after the post-partum visit to the doctor) and have been careful as well, however, sex is still very uncomfortable and painful then you must visit your doctor at the earliest and talk openly about the problem. Don’t hesitate, talk without any shame.

Remember, it would feel good only when it would be natural and when you are both truly ready. Try just cuddling and getting intimate at first so that you again get used to the feeling of being touched sexually; take it slowly, don’t try rushing into things.

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