Saree Lovers- Here’s The Choli That Morphs For You

Saree Lovers- Here’s The Choli That Morphs For You

For an Indian woman, the saree is 6 yards of pure romance. Even the most westernized Indian woman will have space for a few sarees in her wardrobe. And this love does not subside when a she gets pregnant. As a matter of fact, the bump peeking through the saree makes for a super cute sight.

While the 6 yards cooperates, the choli is never forgiving when a few inches pile onto the body. This is when the Morph Maternity & Nursing Choli works magic.

  1.     It is made of super stretch fabric that will ensure a snug fit irrespective of how many kgs you gain or lose.
  2.     The hook-less construction makes it safer for the baby.
  3.     A simple pull down zip allows you to wear the choli quickly without a hazzle.
  4.     The neck is constructed like a Tee. It ensures that when you are nursing, the choli still provides a cover to breastfeed your baby discreetly.

Well, these cholis are so legendary for their comfort, we have loyal customers who are not pregnant buying them.

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