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5 Things A New Dad Should Know About Baby Care

5 Things A New Dad Should Know About Baby Care

It is tough on a new-mom because not only does she need to tend to the baby all day long (and even at night as the baby wakes up every few hours to feed) but also the new-mother goes through a period of emotional turmoil due to all the physical and hormonal changes in her body and several moms also face post-partum depression.

Even though the doctor will try to make the situation better but significant help and support can come in only from the dad. You can help the mother in not only feeling reassured and confident but also by sharing responsibility and taking care of the baby and its needs. 

  • How to change a baby?

Even though changing your baby’s diaper might seem a frightening task at first, it is in fact quite simple. Lay the baby down and un-tape the soiled diaper (don’t remove it yet). Take a washed cloth and clean the diaper area. Open the new diaper and gently lift the baby’s legs to slide out the soiled diaper; replace it with the new one (with the taped side underneath). Apply cream on the diaper area and then pull the diaper through the baby’s legs. Remove the tape on one side and tape it to the front, repeat the same with the other end; and you are done! 

  • How to carry the baby?

While holding your baby, always make sure that the neck area is supported and the head is resting on your chest. Keeping your baby’s head in the crook of your arm, gently place your other hand under the bottom. You can also rest your baby on your chest and shoulder; however, remember to support her neck and head area with one hand while your other hand rests at her bottom, securely holding her. 

  • How to play and spend time with the baby?

Even though your baby won’t talk to you but you would be surprised at how a child (even a few weeks old) starts to respond in their own by eye contact or by listening intently; over a few weeks you would create a deep bond by talking to the baby. Spend time with your child, talk to him animatedly or simply hold him and cradle him close to you. 

  • How to put your baby to sleep?

Lookout for signs of sleepiness, like, yawning or staring into space and then soothe the child; try cradling him, rocking him from side to side or simply holding him and walking slowly. Once you feel the baby is drowsy, lay him down; it is always great if you can lay down by his side as it is more effective in putting the baby to sleep.

  • How to burp the baby?

Burping the baby is important because while feeding little bubbles of air become trapped in her stomach that make her feel uncomfortable. To burp the baby, hold her against your chest and support her head with your hand; with the other hand gently pat or rub her back.

New-dads can also help the mother in breastfeeding the baby. Your attitude and support would mean a lot to your partner; you can give practical support by giving her another maternity or nursing pillow or a glass of water or whatever she needs. If she is facing a problem is breastfeeding, you can encourage her to talk about it or get help. If the baby is feeding through a bottle then new-dads can help with that too.

You can ask your partner to try-out the nursing poncho which can also be doubled up as a baby swaddle from, India’s most loved maternity wear brand!

Just be there for her and the baby and enjoy this wonderful journey of parenthood!

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