Maternity Pants: Your Buying Guide

by Deepa Kumar on Mar 05, 2022

Maternity Pants: Your Buying Guide

During the first trimester of your pregnancy you can completely do away without buying maternity pants and by using a belly band over your old ones.
As you enter your second trimester, you will realize that your old pair of pants will not fit you around the waist and will have to buy maternity pants. As you will be using them during your entire pregnancy and a few months post-baby, it makes sense to invest in fashionable, high-quality jeans and pants.
Maternity pants and maternity jeans from Morph Maternity have stretchy fabrics at the waist. These pants will grow along with your belly through the pregnancy and will support your back too.

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Creating the wardrobe

Pants and jeans are a staple in every woman's wardrobe. You don't have to compromise on your fashion sense just because you are pregnant. Make your pregnancy wardrobe with a pair for work, a few that can be worn for both casual and formal dos and maybe a few casual ones. Teamed with the right top wear and accessories, you will be ready for any occasion.


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Choosing the right size

Ensure you try before buying maternity pants as each brand works with different sizing. If you are buying them online, ensure that you understand and measure yourself against the size chart. At Morph Maternity, we have an easy exchange and return policy and we will ensure that you will be fitted with a perfect pair.

Know your waistband preference

Maternity Bottoms
 Maternity Bottoms - Belly Types

There are three styles of maternity pant waistbands: low belly, mid belly, and high belly depending on where the stretchy waistband sits over your belly. The low belly style looks like non-maternity pants and the high belly style sits well over the belly looking very 'pregnant'. The mid belly sits at the belly button area. It's completely up to you to choose the style that works best for your comfort.

Tips on what to look for in maternity pants

• Think stretchy

Ensure that the maternity bottoms are made of fabric that has some stretch to it. Though your belly is the place you will need a maximum stretch, it is not uncommon to put on a few inches around your hips and legs. Stretchy pants will be more comfortable. You can buy maternity jeans here.

• Think beyond pregnancy

Invest in a few pieces that are made of ultra stretch fabrics that will work great during pregnancy and are post pregnancy too. Morph's treggings makes a good investment for this reason.

• Test for sheerness

Make sure that the pants and jeans are made from fabrics that have somebody & strength and are not sheer. Sheer stretchy fabrics tend to rip at the seams and at high friction areas. The last thing you want to be worrying during pregnancy is a wardrobe malfunction. Morph promises to make your maternity wear with highest quality fabrics. In fact, our customers who bought our jeans during their first pregnancy worn them through their second pregnancy too. They have expressed their love for Morph for the quality we deliver.

Don't forget the ethnic bottoms

While you are buying maternity pants, don't forget your pregnancy ethnic bottoms like chudidhars and maternity salwars.  Morph's ethnic bottoms are made with super comfy fabrics with comfortable belly panels that team with your maternity kurtis. Having a few in staple colors will complete your wardrobe.

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