Pranayama Techniques For A Healthy Pregnancy

Pranayama Techniques For A Healthy Pregnancy

‘Pranayama’ or controlled breathing is useful for maintaining good physical and mental health. The fact that this ancient technique has survived through the centuries is adequate proof of its effectiveness.

‘Prana’ means breath or life. ‘Ayama’ means the distribution of energies. With ‘Pranayama’ you will be able to feel positive and spread it all over your being and your child.

We suggest the following pranayama techniques.

Deep Breathing 

Sit in a quiet place. Cross Legged. Try to keep your body erect. Start breathing in slowly. As you are living bulge your stomach. Count to 6. Hold your breath for 6 counts. Exhale through your nostrils and squeeze your stomach as you do. While doing this, concentrate on your navel and lower part of the body. Repeat the cycle three times.

Shift your focus to the middle of the chests and repeat three breathing cycles.

The last part of the cycle is to shift the focus to your forehead between your eyebrows and repeat three breathing cycles.

In case your back is hurting after sitting down cross-legged, stretch your legs one by one and relax. It might also help to stand up and walk a few steps to release the tension in the back.

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Alternate Nostril Breathing

Breathing is used as a balancing mechanism in our body. When we sleep in the night, our nostrils become blocked alternatively which prompts us to shift our position unconsciously helping us to wake up fresh and without anybody stiffness.

We will use the same mechanism consciously to achieve balance and harmony in our minds and our bodies.

Sit cross-legged. Keep your left hand on your left knee relaxed with palms facing upwards. Touch your left-hand index finger to the thumb while stretching all three fingers out.

Curl your right hand into a fist except for the index finger and thumb, which will remain comfortably extended. Use your right thumb to press your right nostril closed so that you can now inhale through the left nostril. To exhale, press the left nostril closed with your index finger to allow the breath to release through the right. On the next inhale, breathe in through the right nostril and then exhale through the left. Whichever nostril you exhale out of, will be the nostril through which you take your next inhale. Continue directing the breath through the alternate nostrils in this way.

As you are breathing sink your thoughts into your navel and direct all your energy there. Continue for 8 rounds.

Wear comfortable fitness clothes while doing these breathing techniques or following any yoga or fitness regime during pregnancy. 

Ujjayi Breathing

It involves inhaling and exhaling through the nose while constricting the throat muscles. It's often referred to as "ocean breath" because of the sound it produces, which is similar to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. To practice ujjayi breathing, sit comfortably with your eyes closed and mouth closed. Inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale through your nose while constricting the muscles in the back of your throat. This should create a hissing or ocean-like sound. Repeat this process for several breaths, focusing on the sound and sensation of the breath moving through your body. 

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Breathing techniques called pranayama can help you feel better during pregnancy. These techniques help you focus on your breath and spread positive energy to yourself and your baby. So try three techniques: deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi breathing. It's important to sit comfortably and wear comfortable clothes when practicing this. Give them a try and see how they make you feel! 

Needless to say, you should stop any exercise including this if you are feeling uncomfortable and seek medical attention.

Have a healthy pregnancy.

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