The Essential Hospital Packing List For Expectant Moms

The Essential Hospital Packing List For Expectant Moms

Your baby might arrive soon. In fact, earlier than you’d expect. You might be nearing your due date but don’t bet on this! A vaginal delivery will take 2-3 days to stay in the hospital while a C-section might take 4-5 days; in either of the cases, you’ll require early preparation. Ideally, you should pack your bags when you’re 36-37 weeks pregnant, but it’s never early.

Going to the hospital can be difficult, but having the right things with you can make it more comfortable and less stressful. Whether you're there for a short or long stay, having a list of items to pack can help ease your worries. We’ve got a checklist for your hospital needs so that you could pack your bags before you go into labor (and it wouldn’t be a last-minute rush)

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A Bag For Yourself – The Mother’s List

Most of the hospitals and birth centers provide you with your basic needs and shred some load off your shoulders. While you could make your ward a personal space by carrying your pillows and snacks, too much of it can take away your room space.

Things you wouldn’t want to miss :

Medical records 

You’d definitely not leave them at home!

Comfortable clothes

Maternity nighty, pajamas, maternity kurtas; basically cozy and restful apparel that could make you feel less itchy and stuffed and more liberated and loose.

You’ll need –  Maternity panties (carry some post-maternity pads for your heavy flow) and a nursing bra that can make your postpartum tasks easier and more comfortable. At the same time, you’ve got your family around. If you might want to extend your stay at the hospital for any emergency reason, you should pick your nursing shawl or a poncho, not only does it add to your style statement but serves various purposes.


A pair of slippers with good grip is easy to put on and take off.

Basic toiletries 

Don’t keep them for the last minute,  grab them now.  Your toothbrush, hair brush, lotions, contacts (an extra pair if you wear them)/ glasses. Some extra hair ties, tissues and face wipes (trivial stuff but can be very helpful). Don’t forget your shampoo, lip balm and nipple cream to ease soreness around your nipples (if you’re planning to breastfeed). If it’s cold a pair of socks might help. Suggested by mothers is a feeding pillow to add comfort to your back and baby while you feed.

Some entertainment like books, music and yes, don’t forget your charger and earplugs!

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A birth plan

This might not be very important, but you can fulfill your long dreamt wishes with a birth plan.


Carry some healthy snacks for yourself. Share your happiness with some mithai  and keep some for yourself too(if you’ve got that sweet tooth)


Having the necessary items on hand can make your hospital stay much more comfortable and less stressful. You can feel more prepared and in control using a well-organized hospital packing list. Whether you're staying for a short time or a long time, it's important to have necessities like hygiene products and entertainment options to make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible. So, plan ahead and pack like a pro for your upcoming hospital stay.

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