Top 10 Maternity Dresses For The Modern Indian Woman

Top 10 Maternity Dresses For The Modern Indian Woman
Gone are the days when pregnant ladies had to hide their baby bumps behind sarees and loose-fitting clothes. Today’s modern pregnant ladies want to flaunt their cute baby bump and this is why they think of picking out classy outfits. A superb trendy maternity outfit not only increases the style quotient of pregnant mommas but is also highly comfortable. It’s the best way to highlight the baby bump too!!
After the pregnancy every new mom finds it difficult to breastfeed the baby with regular clothes, so women usually look for breathable and leak-proof clothes.
Most moms have the following questions when it comes to picking out maternity wear:
  • Where can I get maternity dresses in India?
  • Where can I get cheap maternity dresses?
  • Are there any brands having formal maternity dresses?
  • Where can I get maternity dresses for special occasions?

Don’t worry mommies, we have the answer to all your questions! Here are some excellent, style and super comfy ranges of maternity dresses that are high in fashion be it for special occasions or for formal wear!

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Top 10 Maternity Dresses For The Modern Indian Woman

1. Pretty Maternity Tunics And Tops

The entire fabric of these Maternity Tunics and Tops is made of poly cotton and the material is breathable. Morph Maternity has lovely collections to keep you looking graceful and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. The maternity tops and tunics are designed specially to provide 100 % comfort.

2. Feeding Kurtis

Morph Maternity understands the need of expecting mothers and has uniquely designed beautiful feeding Kurtis and nursing shirts to provide comfort and ease of breastfeeding. The nursing shirts and feeding Kurtis have buttons on top and make the nursing comfortable and mess-free. These are perfect for everyday office wear – making them the perfect formal maternity wear. You can pair it up with a breathable bottom of your choice. These feeding Kurtis have vertical hidden zip for easy breastfeeding.

3. Activewear Pants 

Morph offers a wide range of stylish and trendy activewear pants which are perfect for everyday yoga and walking. It keeps you dry since it has moisture-wicking technology to quickly evaporate the annoying moisture. The fabric is breathable and can be used throughout the day. So, maintain your active lifestyle even while pregnant!!

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4. Maternity Leggings

You can pair your tops and feeding Kurtis with stylish cropped leggings, it will offer ample comfort to your tummy throughout the pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The leggings are made using knitted cotton for comfort.

5. Feeding Nightgown 

Do check out the cute nursing nightgown collections from Morph. The nightgown comes with horizontal slits that make for easy nursing. You can use it throughout your pregnancy and for nursing as well. These nursing nightgowns are 6 feet and are made of knitted cotton.

6. Maternity Maxi Dresses 

Morph offers some pretty collections of maternity maxi dresses which you can opt for a casual outing and for maternity photoshoots. Choose V-neck or full sleeves as per your comfort. These maternity maxis can be worn throughout pregnancy and post-pregnancy as these dresses come with vertical concealed zip for nursing as well.

7. Sleep Wear And PJ Sets 

A relaxed sleep is a must for mommies to be. You can select cute and comfy pajama sets. These sleepwear can be used throughout pregnancy and also during breastfeeding as the top comes with a horizontal zipper.

8. Nursing Bra

The nursing bras are made using soft cotton hosiery fabric and come with an easy drop cup for breastfeeding. Adjustable hook provides support and comfort day and night to the tender breasts.

9. Pregnancy Capri

Choose from many cute cotton and denim capris, to flaunt your baby bump. The fabric is super comfortable and covers the belly with a breathable elastic waist. You can select a trendy shade of Capri with pockets at the front and back.

10. Maternity Skirt

These stylish maternity skirts are perfect for formal meetings and casual outings. The cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable. This knee-length skirt comes with a slit at the sides and a low belly knit panel.


Although your pregnancy is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of your life, you might not know what to dress. We are here to assist you, so don't worry. We have a wide range of pregnancy clothing alternatives, including feeding Kurtis, maternity clothes (pants, leggings, jeans), nursing bras and sleepwear nursing bras. You can wear these things with confidence because they are comfortable and breathable.

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How have you styled your wardrobe during your pregnancy? What maternity dresses did you like best? Share below!

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